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Slum dunk!

FeelitLIVE empowers sportspersons, fans, teams, major and minor leagues, and rights holders, to meaningfully engage with their fans and friends, and monetize their live, pre-recorded, or archival content via virtual experiences that go beyond the boundaries of traditional venues and distribution.

Level up your game

Unlock new revenue streams

FeelitLIVE enables sports teams, players, producers, and commentators to monetize their new and existing content. From watch parties, in-game analysis of events, to thought leadership sports sessions, with FeelitiLIVE, you can host lucrative virtual experiences with great add-ons options such as e-shops and live auctions for your souvenirs and memorabilia.
Unlock new revenue streams
Give your fans and friends the ring side view

Give your fans and friends the ring side view

With meaningful engagement options such as LIVE feed, private group video rooms and chats, Q&A sessions, live-streamed video replays, polls, and much more, FeelitLIVE empowers you to host virtual sports experiences that will make your fans around the world feel like they are there while raising their fun and enjoyment score to another level.

Hit it out of the park, literally!

Share your passion for sports and broadcast your expertise and content to a global audience. No matter if your amateur sportsperson or a well-known sports personality, we can help you increase your audience, deepen your fan engagement, and boost your brand reputation.
Hit it out of the park, literally!

The future of sports content is here

FeelitLIVE gives all the tools needed to host engaging and revenue-generating sports virtual experiences

Live, prerecorded, archival or on-demand
Explore new ways to monetize your content by broadcasting live, prerecorded, archival, or on-demand content or any combination of the three.

Live feed private spaces
Empower your attendees to create private spaces during your experience to chat exclusively with attendees they have invited.

Private WatchBoxes
Empower attendees to create private WatchBoxes (video & chat) to interact with other attendees during your event.

Locker room
Give your fans special access to the ‘locker room’ for a real-time video chat where you can answer all their burning questions

Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase media-rich content and connect with your supporters in a meaningful way.

Ticket categories
Set up to four ticket categories with different price points, timeframes, access levels, and engagement options.

Give your fans a seamless way to buy your books, souvenirs and memorabilia throughout the entire virtual experience.

Live auctions
Increase engagement and maximize revenue by incorporating a proven revenue-generating feature into your sports virtual experience.

Admin tools
Manage and track your sports experience in real-time, view a summary of event statistics and download sales and attendees reports from any device.

FeelitLIVE pricing

FeelitLIVE offers four different plans that you can choose from. For sportspeople, we recommend our Pro Plan, which gives you access to advanced functionality. The Pro plan fees are 20% of experience revenue plus payment processing. FeelitLIVE does not charge monthly fees or subscription fees.

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